"In Chittagong Nazrul was a guest at the home of Muhammad Habibullah Bahar. ... He narrated: 'Sometimes we would ride horse to hills. Sometimes he (Nazrul) used to wear Arabic dress; at other times, something else. We have traversed with Kazi Saheb through hills, forests, lakes, waterfalls, canals, and riverbanks around Sitakundu (Chittagong). The young crowd accompanied us. Such a great, valiant rebel, but he used to be scared of leeches. Once he climbed a hill in Sitakundu, and refused to climb down being scared of leeches. Several people had to climb down carrying him on their shoulders."
Source: Dr. Sushilkumar Gupta, Nazrul Choritmanosh (Calcutta: De's Publishing, 1988), p. 86.