The rejected blood

Dear Motihar,

Recently, something interesting happened. Nothing big, but I thought I would mention it. There was an ad in the Daily Bosumoti a few days ago that there is a Brahmin gentleman is in deathbed. He might live if donation of blood from a healthy, young person. He lives, right here, in Kolkata. I have agreed to donate blood. Today the doctor will examine me. He will take blood from me for transfusion. Nothing to be afraid, but I have to take rest for couple of days. I would let you know what happens. Please don't mind if my letter-writing is delayed a few days.

As a friend, I have request. Please don't let anyone know about it - no one, not even her! ...

Dear Motihar,

... I didn't donate blood. That doctor-fellow says: my heart is weak. . . . I felt like giving him a punch to show how weak is the heart. The real issue is altogether different. The Brahmin gentleman did not want to accept the blood of a Muslim. Alas humanity; alas, its religion! Anyway, no Hindu youth has come forward to donate blood. The guy will die, but won't accept the blood of a "nere" (Muslim of low status)!

[These excerpts are from two letters Nazrul wrote to Kazi Motahar Hossain. Nazrul Rochonaboli, Bangla Academy, Vol. 4, pp. 416, 420]