The guard of Kobi Bhobhon, Mujibur Rahman, said: "The poet used to smile when he was shown the pictures of his wife or picture of his youth. If his taped songs were played or when a singer would play some special songs, he would cry. There were other songs that used to make him smile. He used to like sweets and listening to music. He used to be upset if food was not served on time. He used to love flowers. He used to be delighted to receive flowers."

The attendant Wahidullah Bhuiyah said: "All the people of Bangladesh were poet's relatives. I have so gratified to have been able to serve him. ... (Unfortunately) the poet lived for so long in hospital, but none of his relatives came to visit him. The way children delights at being able to serve parents, we have all tried to serve the beloved poet like his children."

Source: Islami Kobita (Islamic Foundation, Dhaka, 1982; p. 414)