Nazrul's life of hardship, which briefly experienced some break, returned to hardship again - but only worse than before. In one of the last letters he wrote to Sufi Zulfiqar Haider, one can get a sense of the Rebel's feelings.

Dear Haider,

... I am bed-ridden due to blood pressure. With great deal of hardship, I am writing. My home filled with worries: illness, debt, hassles from creditors - the whole day and night struggling. ... Due to all these reasons, my nerves are shattered. For the last six months, I used to visit Mr. Haque daily and spend 5-6 hours like a beggar. ... I am unable to have quality medical help. ... This might be my last letter to you. ... With only great deal of difficulty, I can utter a few words. My pain is almost all over my body. I might get money like the poet Ferdousi on the day of the funeral prayer (janajar namaz). However, I HAVE ASKED MY RELATIVES TO REFUSE THAT MONEY....



July 17, 1942

Source: Dr. Sushilkumar Gupta, Nazrul Choritmanosh (Calcutta: De's Publishing, 1960), p. 106]