It is my position that Nazrul is recognized for much less than his artistic contributions should merit. He deserves to be better introduced to the world. Notably, since much of his recognitions came after 1942 when he suddenly developed a debilitating illness, he was likely unable to acknowledge the recognitions. Some of the recognitions are listed below:

1945: Calcutta University honored his fundamental creative works by honoring him with Jagottarini Gold Medal.

1960: Indian government recognized him with one of the highest honors "Padmabhushon."

1969: Rabindra Bharati University honored him with honorary D. Lit degree.

After 1971: He was declared as the National Poet of Bangladesh.

1974: The Dhaka University awarded him the degree of Doctor of Literature.

1976: The Bangladesh Government awarded him the Ekushey Padak.

What was the highest recognition Nazrul received in his own estimation?

That Rabindranath dedicated his "Boshonto" opera to Nazrul:

saying: "Nazrul has ushered in Boshonto (Spring) in the life of the nation".

recognizing him as "Poet".