Father: Kazi Faqir Ahmad

Mother: Zaheda Khatun

Brother1: Kazi Shahebjan

Brother2: Kazi Ali Husain

Sister: Umme Kulsum

Wife: Pramila Devi (passed away 1962; buried in Churulia)

Son: Krishna Mohammad (Azad Kamal) (1924; died the same year)

Son: Arindam Khaled Bulbul (1926-1930)

Son: Kazi Shabyashachi Islam* (1929-1974)

Son: Kazi Anirudhdha Islam* (1930-1974).

*Some people have the impression that Nazrul named his last two sons "Kazi Shabyashachi" and "Kazi Anirudhdha" without Islam at the end. For them the following information might be helpful.

"After the death of his infant son, Bulbul, neither of the two other sons of Nazrul, Sunny and Nini (Kazi Shabyashachi ISLAM and Kazi Anirudhdha ISLAM) are alive any longer." [Dr. Sushilkumar Gupta, Nazrul-Choritmanosh: Calcutta, De's Publishing, 1988, p. 106]