Courtesy: Daily Star [May 4, 2005]


Sikder Abdul Hye, Asadul Haque, Abul Kashem Haider, Khilkhil Kazi and Rezauddin Stalin

(from L to R)

Nazrul's life and poetic works are awe-inspiring and fascinating. He showed equal dexterity in two entirely opposite fields. On the one hand, he is a rebel and gives a clarion call for daring the odds in freedom struggle and on the other hand he is gentle, subtle and incredibly charming in his love poems. He was one of the most popular poets of his time. And behind all these, there was a noble woman who dedicated her life to the poet. She is Pramila Devi aka Kazi Pramila Nazrul Islam, wife of Kazi Nazrul Islam.

July 2 was the 43rd death anniversary of Kazi Pramila Nazrul Islam. To mark this occasion, Nazrul Institute organised a discussion programme on her life and her contribution to the poet's creative endeavor, at the institute's Kemal Ataturk seminar room.

Eminent Nazrul exponent Asadul Haq was the key speaker while the grand daughter of the poet Khilkhil Kazi reminisced on her grand mother. Presided over by litterateur Abul Kashem Haider, the programme featured poet Abdul Hye Shikdar and Rezauddin Stalin as the other speakers.

"There is a significant controversy surrounding Nazrul and Pramila's marriage. Pramila's (Ashalata) father, Bashontokumar Sengupta used to be a Nayeb in the State of Tripura. After her father's death, Pramila along with her mother Giribala Devi moved to Comilla. Nazrul became very close to Pramila's family, particularly due to their literary-cultural tradition and environment," said the speakers.

During his stay in Comilla in 1922 his relationship with Pramila deepened. Her liveliness, personality and love for music were among the many aspects that attracted Nazrul to her. On April 25 1924, their relationship consummated in marriage. "The Brahma Samaj of which Pramila was a member, led to much criticism from outraged religious communities, including the magazines Nazrul had written for. Nazrul wrote numerous poems and songs while he was residing at the house of Giribala Devi in Commilla. In Dolonchapa Nazrul wrote 11 poems in memory of his wife Pramila.