[Except for a brief period, Nazrul life was, in addition to other aspects, a financial struggle. Poverty was among his most loyal companion throughout his life. On one hand, he embraced it with nobility and greatness (as indicated in his poem "Daridro") and he could most easily identify with the masses; on the other hand, this was probably the area about which he was most sensitive, as indicated in his article "Boror Priti Balir Baadh".]

Letter I: To Sri Pobitro Gangopadhdhay

December 19, 1920

Dr. Bose's Sanatorium, Deoghar

[excerpted; emphasis mine]

... I just settled at the above address. I couldn't go to Shimultola. I had to change my mind. I will let you know later. It's not a bad place. But I won't be able to live here more than a month, because I am not feeling good here. ... Did you give the money of "Narayan" to Avinash Da? If there is money on hand, ask to send to my address TWO takas of "Bijli" through their office. ... How is your wife? Introduce me to her through this letter. If I don't get your reply by tomorrow, I am going to make you two quarrel later on. ... Let Kanti Babu know my greetings and respects. I will write story for you, but let me organize myself little bit more. It's terribly cold here. Money is finished. Let Afzal or Khan send some moeny soon. Please check on this, and tell them that I carry human blood. If they help me today, it won't go waste! I will make it up in future.

Your ill, dodhi-lubdho


Letter II: To Sri Broojbihari Burman

December 12, 1926

Krishna Nagar

Dear Brojo,

I am still bed-ridden. I am suffering much from my illness and agony of other worries. Worrying about money is the biggest one. Only Allah knows how the days are passing. I received fifteen taka you sent. I wanted twenty-five. Of course, I came to know your circumstances too. I will be tremendously grateful, if you can send some more during my difficult time. You are like my young brother; what else can I write to you? Keep me informed about you. How is the market for "Shorbohara?"


Kazi Da

Dear Burman,

I am in big trouble. I have slow fever every day. Gopal was supposed to send money, but I did not receive any even today. There is absolutely no money here at home.

As soon as you receive this letter, you must send at least twenty taka by TMO. Otherwise, it would be big trouble for me. There is no money for even grocery. I really will be in serious trouble if no money is sent. I am already deeply indebted, I can't borrow any more from here.


Kazi Da

Source: Nazrul Rochonaboli, Vol. 4, 1996, pp. 371/382/388