India: Oriya

Book: Bidrohi And Annyano Kobita [translated by Binod Chandra Naik]

India: Telegu

Translation of Kazi Nazrul Islam's works by Podyar Asu. The work received award from Sahitya Academy of India.


Two Catholic Italian Xaverian missionaries - Fathers Marino Rigon and Silvano Garello - have been translating many works of Kazi Nazrul Islam into Italian. [Link] [need more info]


Nazrul has also been translated into Japanese


Nazrul's works have been translated into Persian. Need information.


Nazrul has also been translated into Russian


A book of translations by Jahangir Tarek was expected to be published by Nazrul Institute. [Link; need information]


There are some online contents about Nazrul at a generalized website. This site contains couple of translations in Swedish. Attempts to contact with the site developer so far has not been successful.


There seems to be significant interest about Nazrul in Turkey. So far, we have identified Mevlut Ceylan, who has published a book of translations of Nazrul's selected works. [Links: 1, 2; other links: 3]


Prof Sahar Ansari, former chairman of the KU Urdu department, rendered some Urdu translations of Kazi's works, including Vidrohi, Kamal Pasha, undertaken in early decades of the 20th century. [Link]